Air Canada loses special PMO cargo

11 Oct

For the third time in as many weeks, Air Canada has brought tears to those who prefer their cargo safely restrained in a cage.

This time the loss occurred in Bali, Indonesia, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was attending the final day of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit. In a gesture intended to reinforce his support for the private sector, Harper opted to fly home via Air Canada rather than in his official government jet.

Air Canada spokesperson Bruno Gestetner said, “The Prime Minister was last seen on his way to the first class washroom. He was not in his seat as the flight crew prepared for take-off and despite our best efforts he has not been located. We deeply regret this incident. Given the gravity of the situation, we have offered a free hot sandwich to anyone who can locate the Prime Minister.”

The implications for the government of the country were not immediately clear, as Canada currently has no Deputy Prime Minister.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was reported to have said, “Don’t panic. I’m in charge. I’ve instructed Peter Mackay to look into this as soon as he returns from his wild turkey hunting trip on Tuesday.”

No one from the Prime Minister’s Office was available for official comment on the eve of the Thanksgiving weekend. One distracted staff member did volunteer, however, that “all Canadians have so much to be grateful for this weekend.”


2 Responses to “Air Canada loses special PMO cargo”

  1. Anonymous 12 October 2013 at 12:56 am #

    If only.

  2. diamondwalker 12 October 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    .. well .. he was a bad dog .. c’est la vie ..

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