The Crockatteer speaks out

22 May

Joan (@Crockatteer) Crockatt, the rookie Member of Parliament who almost failed to win a safe Calgary seat last fall because she forgot to campaign, reflects on yesterday’s Conservative caucus meeting:

“I was so excited to be there. I mean, like, in his actual presence and all. Wasn’t he masterful? I mean, you know, really, really masterful? Even though you could tell he was very upset.”

“But whoa, the way the leader shamed the entire Conservative caucus without, actually, you know, naming names. So no one person or individual would feel bad, yet the entire country would realize the serious gravity of what may possibly, but not too likely, have transpired. After all, Duffy has told us he did nothing that merits criticism.”

“But to get back to my point. Listening to Stephen makes me realize how fortunate — no, privileged — we are to live in a country where bothersome political distractions have no impact whatsoever on the bigger picture because of our constitutional right to run up and then pay our accumulated debts without fear or favour, and to resign or recuse or refuse whenever need be, in order to do the right thing. We can and we shall convince all Canadians of the truth of this. I know we can and we shall, because Jeffrey Simpson is absolutely right when he says our party is a party of salesmen, not statesmen.”

“Let me tell you, after today everyone realizes that ethical, open, transparent and accountable government is more than a passing phrase in Harper’s Canada.”

“After our little get-together, over a glass of a really lovely Chardonnay (just enough buttery oak), someone asked me how someone who had studied strategic thinking at the London School of Economics (that’s me!!) would sum up the gathering. All I could think of was that it reminded me (as I’ve tweeted) of the memorable time when my colleague (and now close friend) Tony Clement was asked why he had used blue on his website, he replied ‘it was the best color.’ That about says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, there’s just no way Tony or, for that matter, any of us, are in over his head.”


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