Trudeau issues clarification(s)

17 Feb

Media release from the Official Justin Trudeau Campaign


If you are one of those rare Canadians who watched the third debate in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership campaign on Saturday, you may now have nagging doubts about my ability to win this thing. Thanks a bunch, Garneau!

Let me put your concerns to rest.

First, Mr. Garneau claimed that I have no ideas. Well, I do. Plenty of them. All the time.

Next he accused me of being a rich boy. Let me take the second part of that convoluted accusation first. I’m not a boy. If this self-described rocket scientist bothered to do the math, he’d realize that I’m almost middle-aged. Not that I look it — that’s my natural hair colour, you know — but the numbers don’t lie.

As far as money goes, I can assure you that I don’t have nearly enough. Check my recent financial disclosure. You’ll see that even with those amazing fees from the motivational speaker circuit I can barely afford my place in Montreal and the outrageous cost of storing my rare, near-mint, vintage Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupé. My life, like that of many of my generation, is not easy.

Now, I have heard that there are those who, like Charlie Angus of the New Democratic Party, are willing to speak for a pint of beer and some sandwiches. That’s not how I was raised in Outremont by one of the Greatest Canadians of Our Age. All Canadians — even the ordinary ones — should strive for more than beer and sandwiches. As your future Prime Minister, I am committed to making that happen.

Finally, I am bitterly disappointed that this silly bickering has deflected media attention away from my much shorter haircut. Compare Saturday’s photos of me with those from the start of the campaign and you’ll see clearly that I have made significant strides on this always-divisive national issue. Expect to hear more from me about this as the campaign continues.


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