Always a bribesmaid, never a bribe

7 Feb

Foreign Minister John Baird announced yesterday that The Harper Government plans to toughen the law prohibiting Canadian companies from bribing foreign officials.

“Hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars are flowing annually into the pockets of foreign dictators and their corporate surrogates,” he said. “This must end.”

In response, the Government plans to amend the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act to raise the maximum penalty for bribing a foreign official from five to fourteen years.

Baird sees this as an important first step in aligning today’s sophisticated foreign bribery techniques more closely with Prime Minister Harper’s personal Conservative Party fund-raising philosophy.

The chief problem with the flight of “offshore investment capital”, as Baird called the bribes, is that Canada desperately needs those funds to boost the domestic economy.

“With the bottomless pit of our Economic Action Plan sucking the economy dry, is it really too much to ask that homegrown companies support growth right here at home?”

“Our Government firmly believes that if Canadian companies are going to be bribing anyone,” Baird added, “they should be bribing Canadian officials.”


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