Arrested development

18 Jan

Vic Toews, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, has told a national summit on the economics of policing that the current funding model is completely broken.

“I’ll be blunt,” said Toews. “Police services in Canada must change. If they continue to do nothing about their funding crisis they will eventually be forced to cut drastically, as we have seen in some countries.”

Some municipal police forces seem to agree with the Minister. Toronto is already considering severe personnel reductions. In Waterloo, the number of officers on duty now fluctuates with call volumes. And in Vancouver, the police are seeking greater civilian participation in law enforcement.

The latter idea, according to Toews, is a good start but simply does not go far enough.

“The Harper Government has long awaited the day when it could withdraw all federal police funding. Listen up, police, that day is now. We believe we should simply let the existing policing system go to hell. As Conservatives, we are proud to say that we have been working hard to prepare all Canadians for this great day.”

When asked to elaborate on those preparations, Toews singled out his Government’s commitment to dismantling the long-gun registry that called for the compulsory registration of firearms.

“I would remind you it took a Conservative government to put a stop to this flagrant abuse of personal freedom. By putting more assault weapons into the hands of Canadians where they belong, our Government paved the way for a good, old-fashioned national militia. To all our citizens I say forget policing. From now on, you’ve got the firepower to take care of yourselves.”


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