Let my people go

16 Jan

Canadians from coast to coast found their lives disrupted today by yet another powerful grassroots protest movement.

The Idle No More Conservatives, consisting of backbenchers from the Conservative Party of Canada, have announced their intention to stage public protests every day until Prime Minister Stephen Harper allows them to act like the elected officials they are.

To make their point, the Tory protesters vowed to disrupt customer traffic at every Tim Hortons coffee shop in the country until the Prime Minister agrees to meet their demands.

While most protesters handed out leaflets or made vague, rambling speeches at Tim Hortons outlets, others escalated matters by blocking the drive-throughs. Violence occasionally erupted, prompting some customers to say how much they had missed hockey this winter.

When asked about the movement’s specific grievances, an Idle No More Conservative spokesman said “it is all about respect. The Prime Minister has really hurt our feelings. He needs to stop. There’s far too much crying in our Caucus meetings.”

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