Political shocker

22 Dec

In a surprise announcement this morning, Peachland, British Columbia resident and self-identified “ordinary Canadian” Barry Potyondi has confirmed that he is not running for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party.

“I realize many potential supporters may be disappointed by this news, but I feel there must be at least one or two qualified candidates among the 73 Canadians who are already running. Together, they will likely call Mr. Harper every name I could have thought up myself. I take comfort from that, as should all Canadians.”

With this declaration, Mr. Potyondi joins a distinct minority of Canadians who are not running for the Liberal leadership.

“In choosing not to throw my hat in the ring, I have weighed many pros and cons: my current desperate need for employment, my cat’s extraordinary demands on my limited leisure time and, perhaps most important of all, my lack of a campaign-winning hair style. These are not matters to be taken lightly. Oh, and I should probably add that my hat is a new Tilley — the kind with ear flaps — and I am not inclined to get it dirty in the political arena.”

Asked whether he had any regrets about this extraordinary and unexpected withdrawal from contention, Mr. Potyondi was quick to demonstrate the political acuity for which he is well known at his local Legion.

“This has not been an easy decision, but it is the right decision for me and for Canada,” he said. ”Besides, if Thomas Mulcair decides not to contest the leadership, there won’t be a Liberal Party to lead anyway.”


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